Worcester Weekly: Jingle 5K, Craftershock! + more to do, Dec. 11-18

Running for fun — still a thing. So jingle all the way downtown for that. Or while you’re out shopping today anyway, roll on down to the Hadwen Park area for Craftershock! an “alternative craft fair,” featuring more than 70 vendors and also helping out the ladies of Worcester Roller Derby. 

Worcester Weekly: ‘Rocky Horror,’ early voting + more things to do, Oct. 23-29

Well played, Hanover folks, well played! College town + “Rocky Horror” + Barry Bostwick + downtown on a Friday night = what more could you ask for?! More convenient parking, better lighting and safer crosswalks, for starters — and maybe not forgetting that there’s about 3 miles of Main Street south of the downtown area that could use some attention. But wait, this was supposed to be fun! Did we mention Barry Bostwick — Brad Majors himself — will be in town? Plus, we’re getting out the vote … and much more to do this week!

Worcester Weekly: Tornado of Terror + more things to do, Oct. 16-22

Any flea market is bound to have its demons — amirite, folks?! — but if you’ve ever been down to the outer edges of Grafton you know there’s just gotta be something lurking in those woods. At least, that’s what terror-mongering twin brothers Heebie and Jeebie must’ve figured when they conjured up this annual heart-palpitating attraction. Plus, a standout New England Patriot comes to town, Gordie Lockbaum has a day, and more. Get out there!

Worcester Weekly: Columbus Day Parade + 5 more mid-October things to do

Msgr. Rocco Piccolomini’s decidedly Italian moniker stands out on the roster of prominent city Sunday gravy aficionados who’ve been chosen as honorary grand marshals through the years. While the good monsignor is no longer with us, his legacy and that of thousands of Italian brothers and sisters lives on through this annual celebration. Also, art, history, sports, charity and more this week. Get out there!

Worcester Weekly: WPI homecoming + 5 more things to do to start October

Technically, Homecoming Weekend gets going for generations of loyal Engineers Friday evening, but the real fun cranks up Saturday, Oct. 8, with alumni games and meetups, the Parade of Floats, the Goat’s Head Award presentation, a bunch of varsity sports home games, and much more. Speaking of more, this week features a one-of-a-kind musical interlude on Main Street, history, soccer and a deep dive into the business of craft beer in the city. Check it out.

Worcester Weekly: Burncoat’s Mega Reunion + 6 more things to do, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

You know what reunions really need more of? People whose names you have no chance of remembering. So, the Burncoat folks thought, Let’s invite a whole decade’s worth of graduates! They really need to make those name tags bigger to give us forgetful sorts a fighting chance on the approach before the awkward handshake. I mean, I know 60’s the new 40, but give a guy a break. Plus, signs of the Apocalypse on Green Street, football, historic planes and more.

Worcester Weekly: Worcester State’s new gym + 5 more things to do, Sept. 11-17

Fifty-two-point-six [insert Dr. Evil voice] MILLION dollars! More than 100,000 square feet of athletic complex! If that feels a little too big for Worcester State, well, then you haven’t been down Chandler Street in a while (probably stuck behind a construction crew on Flagg, or Shrewsbury … or, really, any Worcester street right now. But we digress). So, there’ll be a ribbon-cutting … and lots of talking this week. Why not round it out with a little high-quality football action on Salisbury Street?