Local Business Spotlight: More than a century of sweet sounds at Union Music

“I started working [here] when I was 9 years old (1955), which was about the same time that my grandfather gave me a guitar. … And I still play classical guitar,” said Carl Kamp, owner and president of this three-generation family business. Trusted for instrument purchases, repairs, lessons and expertise, Union Music’s rambling old store on Southbridge Street echos with notes of history as it keeps today’s musicians supplied and inspired. Which makes it an apt entry in our Survivor Series, highlighting Worcester businesses standing the test of time.

Local Business Spotlight: That Breeze you feel is the momentum behind Zephyr Workshop

The Worcester-based startup has harnessed some magical powers — for instance, childhood passion for Japanese anime and business acumen that focuses on the customer — to rise in the gaming world. If real-world (tabletop) playability with fantastical characters appeals, check out “AEGIS” and look for new creations ahead from this team of Becker grads led by Breeze Grigas. Sean Haley has the story.

Local Business Spotlight: Ryan Canuel and Petricore love it when a plan comes together

In the same month as Petricore’s first anniversary, Canuel, a 2015 Becker graduate, was named the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year. “Ryan has spent the last few years making all the right moves,” MassDiGI executive director Tim Loew said. “We’re proud of him and how his team’s grown.” Canuel and Petricore, indeed, are a Worcester success story. Read all about it.

Local Business Spotlight: Flying Dreams brewery crafts a unique story

It starts, as so many good stories do, in a buddy’s basement. “It was a natural transition. I picked [home brewing] up quickly,” said award-winning Flying Dreams founder Dave Richardson, adding his background in sciences played a huge role in the early success. “The first time was awesome. The second time was even better. By the fifth time, I wanted to start a brewery.” Sean Haley taps into the creativity and passion that make Richardson and his brew house one of a kind.

Local Business Spotlight: Dianna’s Neighborhood Bistro blends community, passion, fine cuisine

Diane George’s cooking experience began when she was 14 and started working at Central Kitchen, a bakery on Main Street. Diane says she found her niche early on. “I always loved cooking. It was something I wanted to do.” After decades of honing their culinary skills, Diane and her husband Richard were finally able to channel their passion for food into a business of their own. Sloane M. Perron checks out the new eatery at the corner of June and Chandler.

Maximum capacity: Hard-working Becker student crashes Bravehearts all-star party

The lead developer of the video game Bravehearts Derby never misses a chance to improve his skills. In doing so, the Becker College senior-to-be is showing the drive, personality and perspective of an entrepreneur. The keys? Making the most of the fact that there are 24 hours in a day and that it could be gone tomorrow. Meet Rejon Taylor-Foster, the guy you wish you were at 21.

Local Business Spotlight: ETAwiz, Worcester-developed app is right on time

“The app is designed [to be] very viral,” said founder Kevin Anderson, noting a component that links the app to a user’s Facebook account for social-media sharing. Employed to fill the “gap in real life social engagement” by allowing app users to post on social media, ETAwiz not only signifies interest in an event, but provides latent attendees a jolt to join in. Alex L. Khan returns to the Sun for an in-depth look under the city’s innovative hood.

Nick Bold

Local Business Spotlight: Technocopia, making it work

With a shared vision and support from their community of friends and colleagues, three WPI grads set out to create a utopia for innovation. “We could teach others and take care of ourselves,” said founder Nicholas Bold. “We were making genuine progress bringing in more people to help, and we didn’t have to go at odds with anyone.” And then progress met permits. New Sun contributor Sean M. Haley has the fascinating tale of how Technocopia got where it is today.