Editorial: CANDO spirit in Worcester

It’s a time of year to hear about good deeds large and small — and to do them. Attendees at the annual Winter Ball put on by UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center did their part in a big way this month, raising $1 million. Part of that money will go to the CANDO clinic, which provides treatment on autism and other complex disorders at UMass.

Q&A: Mike Angelini, Worcester’s power broker, gets down to business

On the fifth anniversary of his paper that dramatically refocused Worcester’s economic development efforts, the chairman of the law firm Bowditch & Dewey, Hanover Insurance Group’s board of directors and Massport discusses the impact of his paper, the city’s current economic development efforts, the role of public and higher education in moving the city forward, the city’s dual tax rate, Worcester Regional Airport, commuter rail, and more.

Local Business Spotlight: That Breeze you feel is the momentum behind Zephyr Workshop

The Worcester-based startup has harnessed some magical powers — for instance, childhood passion for Japanese anime and business acumen that focuses on the customer — to rise in the gaming world. If real-world (tabletop) playability with fantastical characters appeals, check out “AEGIS” and look for new creations ahead from this team of Becker grads led by Breeze Grigas. Sean Haley has the story.

What if … Worcester: Dateline 2044 — Delivery drone crash tests school’s new safety dome

“Three men in unlabeled khaki jumpsuits took photos, meticulously collected every last bit of debris, and placed them into containers. Then the van drove in the direction of the General Electric Turnpike on-ramp. Later that evening, the Worcester Fire Department arrived to inspect for damage to the 61-meter-high dome. Six firefighters strapped into recently donated Martin Enterprises fan-powered jetpacks, which were developed in the firm’s new South Worcester Industrial Park headquarters.”

White House photo

Local makerspace Technocopia accepts White House invite

Shortly after celebrating the grand opening of its new downtown space in the Printers Building in early August, local makerspace Technocopia received an invitation to the Obama administration’s Makerspace Organizers Meeting at the White House. The Sun sat down with Technocopia executive director Nick Bold to find out what the government wants next for the Maker Movement.