A Mother’s Journey [Part 34]: The gift of reflection

“Overworking is a red flag and can cause actual damage to your business and ultimately your own health.  So, over the next few weeks, take some time to just stop.” You heard it here first, folks! Original Woopreneur Giselle Rivera-Flores gives us a permission slip for vacation and has a few other tips for surviving the silly season.

Lynda Cheldelin Fell: The 12 Nights of Christmas

“Twelve nights sneaking around the neighborhood playing ding dong ditch? How fun! I especially loved the idea of helping my kids learn the joys of giving at such an impressionable age. And so that December gave birth to a new family tradition for the Fells. That first year proved a wonderful experience and we continued choosing a different neighbor each year, until tragedy struck our own family.”

A refugee’s future, through the eyes of a survivor

“I was full of hope and anticipation before my departure. I grew up very quickly during that seven-day voyage. I escaped from my country, away from the barbaric treatment of the communists. I survived a sea full of stormy turbulence and remained relatively unscathed from two pirate attacks.”

A Mother’s Journey [Part 30]: The movement keeps moving

“The maker movement isn’t about a trendy template of instruction; instead it is about full exploration of inner creativity. This is why many school systems are a bit behind, because teaching with step-by-step, standardized instruction can’t reach all the students who learn differently or come from different backgrounds.” Don’t miss the next exciting step in Giselle’s journey.

The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 24: Surprise News That Set Us Free

Whether you’re one of our many regular Augustine readers or it’s your first time, you won’t want to miss this chapter! “My wife, Theresa, was mostly in haste for us to complete our interviews with the UNHCR so as to change our address for the better. She actually gave me some insight into breaking news that made the difference.” Augustine and his family are one step closer to America … but they’re not there yet.

A Mother’s Journey [Part 29]: The girls are all right

“Homeschooling is a lot of work, and it has taken up a large portion of my mornings, but when I see Brook succeeding and taking pride in her work, I do not regret pulling her away from the public school system. She is in a better place. As I write this, she sits at her desk laughing over a story her online teacher recommended. A genuine moment of enjoyment with school work.” Now all Giselle has to do is the find the time for everything else in her busy day. Find out how she does it — and how Brooklyn and Evian are really doing in their new school setting.

My return to Haiti with Be Like Brit

Sun contributor Danielle Cutillo, 23, a Holy Name grad and lifelong Worcester resident, is back from Haiti, where she volunteered at an orphanage built in honor of Britney Gengel of Rutland, killed in a 2010 earthquake. The story of Danielle’s trip involves hugs, hopes, a newly built house, and deep feelings of luck and love. It was a success. [with photo gallery]