What does WAFT do, anyway? An inside look at Worcester’s anti-foreclosure warriors: Part 2 — The team rallies around an Oak Street family

Neither Donna Berrios nor her husband have been inside their home since the eviction notice was issued five days before. Their son, A.J., not similarly barred by the sometimes ambiguous foreclosure laws, carries out a large textbook. Meanwhile WAFT protesters have assembled for support as group leader Grace Ross angles to keep Berrios in her Oak Street house.

Q&A: Mike Angelini, Worcester’s power broker, gets down to business

On the fifth anniversary of his paper that dramatically refocused Worcester’s economic development efforts, the chairman of the law firm Bowditch & Dewey, Hanover Insurance Group’s board of directors and Massport discusses the impact of his paper, the city’s current economic development efforts, the role of public and higher education in moving the city forward, the city’s dual tax rate, Worcester Regional Airport, commuter rail, and more.

University Park

Sun Shine: Walking Together, on a mission in Worcester’s Main South

A storefront, some folding chairs and a caring heart are the foundation of an Episcopal ministry at 799 Main. As she walks, listens, helps, and even provides quarters at a local laundry, Rev. Meredyth Wessman Ward is making a gentle difference in many lives. Her work is part of the church’s recent efforts to reach out to people in new places and new ways.

Worcester Lacrosse breaks the mold

“I didn’t come from privilege myself, so maybe that’s why I can relate to city kids, but if I’m not telling them to prove people wrong and achieve their dreams, what am I doing?” Like you wouldn’t run through a wall for that guy? That guy is Harry Jones, the coach of the now three-time tournament eligible Worcester high school boys lacrosse team, and his Warriors are knocking down barriers by the day. The Sun’s newest contributor Joe Parello offers the inspiring tale.

St. John’s, St. Peter-Marian baseball ready for showdown — and future

As usual, the rosters of the always-competitive private schools are bubbling over with talented players soon to move on to bigger and better stadiums and maybe even a shot at the pros. But it’s the underclassmen for both Eddie Riley’s Guardians and Charlie Eppinger’s Pioneers who will keep baseball fans in the area coming back for more. Patrick Sargent steals some signs and gets the inside scoop.

Sun Shine: Arrays of light — Clark student’s solar project to aid ‘our heroes’

While helping the environment by providing renewable energy through the sun, an enterprising Clark student’s project also seeks to benefit individuals, such as police officers, military veterans, teachers and firefighters, whose everyday work helps others. Indeed the 19-year-old has already learned a valuable lesson: “If you really want to accomplish something, you have to find the time.” We suggest you find the time to check out this profile from Bronislaus B. Kush.

Sun Sampler: A healthy portion of our freshest good stuff

With in-depth reporting, intricate storytelling and thoughtful perspectives we have striven to create a menu that accentuates the best of Worcester and its surrounding communities. Something you didn’t know yesterday that makes you think about tomorrow. The places you’ll want to go. Real folks with incredible stories, who we think you’d want to meet.

Hanover Theatre

Sonoma restaurant in, now out, as part of Hanover Theatre expansion

Plans for the first-floor restaurant at 551 Main St. are now in limbo, according to Troy Siebels, president and CEO of Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, after Sonoma Restaurant of Princeton decided to walk away from the project because it was too expansive of an endeavor. Patrick Sargent reports.

Michael and Coreen Gaffney

Mike Gaffney, a Q&A with Worcester’s ‘People’s Councilor®’

Million-dollar lawsuits and luncheons with governors, mudslinging, Main South and making waves on the radio. You could say, there’s a lot to talk about with Michael T. Gaffney. The ambitious counselor/councilor shared his thoughts with Patrick Sargent on Gordon Davis, Brittany Legasey, future plans for higher office, moving to Beacon Street and trading in home improvement for politics.