Mariano: Young patriots, raise your voices

“To those who find student protests un-American, I would remind you that this is precisely what freedom looks like. It is highly likely that the freedoms that you cherish were won, at least in part, by patriotic young Americans who dreamed of making their country better.”

Father John Madden

Mariano: Remember the good they do

Ray Mariano tells how men like Father Madden and Monsignor Scollen have helped restore his faith as controversies of all sizes, including the closing of Worcester’s beloved Our Lady of Mount Carmel, continue to chip away at the church’s foundation.

Mariano: So, what now?

“While it may seem hard to believe, this campaign was not about Clinton or Trump. It was about the rest of us and about the kind of America we hope for. If our government remains as divided as we are and our leaders refuse to work together, we are all the worse for it.” Ray Mariano on how to make the best of a Trump America.

Mariano: Making Worcester safe doesn’t involve horses!

“The City Council has abdicated its role as the voice of the people. Instead of establishing the city’s agenda, the council has chosen to sit on the sidelines and cheer on the city manager while he does his job and theirs. Worcester needs an agenda focused on making our community safe. From what I can tell, that agenda doesn’t exist and if it does, no one is telling the community about it.” Ray Mariano on mounted police, public safety and a trusty steed named Silver.

Mariano: Time for Worcester City Council to ‘Do your job’

“It’s hard to blame Ed Augustus for following in Mike O’Brien’s footsteps. The public seemed to be satisfied with the O’Brien model and it was certainly easier than establishing an equal partnership with an unorganized group of part-time city councilors. My criticism is of the mayor and City Council for abdicating their role in our government.” Ray Mariano is back for round 2 — and this time the gloves are off.

Ray Mariano: Losing friends over the election

“Somewhere along the way, we stopped seeing the other side as friends and neighbors. We no longer just disagree with them; we have no respect for them.” Worcester’s Raymond V. Mariano has seen the inside of many political campaigns. One of Whitey Bulger’s goons even sought him out in South Boston once. The former mayor and housing authority director — and the Sun’s newest contributor — has advice all of us can follow on the day after the election. It just might help make our nation stronger.