Sina-cism: Do ballot questions matter much?

“Since the initiative process was created in 1918, voters have considered 179 ballot questions. Some years offered none, while there were nine questions three times. But how many were truly landmark initiatives, marking a real shift in the direction of public policy?” Well, it wouldn’t be much fun if we told you out here.

Chris Sinacola

Sina-cism: In Millbury, addicted to the wrong fight

“Free speech is usually a beautiful thing, but it exudes a foul odor in a situation where the people who would be served by Spectrum’s facility are already living here — not in Millbury backyards exactly, but in Millbury homes and apartments.

Sina-cism: Alexander Hamilton’s message for those Worcester Trump protesters

“Even if [the National Popular Vote Compact] survived a constitutional challenge, it is a terrible idea, for it would eviscerate a cornerstone of federalism, casting aside a system that for more than 200 years has forced would-be presidents to appeal to many parts of the country, not simply run up big vote totals in their strongholds.” Chris Sinacola votes “No” on this particular uprising.

The right stuff: A year of Sina-cism in the Sun

It’s been about a year since we brought the band back together, convincing award-winning observers Chris Sinacola and David Hitch to dust off their considerable skills and join the Sun family. To celebrate the milestone, join us in taking a look back at some of the best stuff they’ve delivered to our lucky members. Top Spots: Hitch’s greatest hits [from Nov. 16]

Salt and capitalism, starring BirchTree Bread Co. “Naturally, when vendors are invited into the BirchTree forest of wonders, they aren’t just any vendors.

Sina-cism: An exceptional nation will endure together

“The mutual demonization in our contemporary politics masks the reality that whatever party or philosophy we may espouse, most Americans believe that these United States do have a special role to play in the world. I believe we all believe in American exceptionalism. But not an exceptionalism of isolationism, xenophobia, and the ‘America First’ school.” Chris Sinacola takes a look back to find the way forward.

Sina-cism: Obamacare needs to see a specialist

“Now, after six years, major court rulings, and mountains of regulations, it isn’t clear whether or how Obamacare can be saved or reformed. It is unlikely to respond to the usual political nostrums we apply to insurance markets for one simple reason: Obamacare isn’t really insurance at all.” Chris Sinacola says the Affordable Care Act is “running a high fever.” Find out his prescription.

Sina-cism: Fear the bozos you know

“The urge to toss the balance of my Guinness in her face passed quickly. I realized that she was young, lives in a swing state, and still believes as I once did in choosing the lesser of two evil clowns. It will take a lot more time — and far worse conditions than we currently experience — to turn the majority against the incumbents Tweedledum and Tweedledee.” Chris Sinacola on his particular fear of clowns and maybe something about the election, too.

Sina-cism: They shoot horse tracks, don’t they?

“Question 1 was written by and for the benefit of Eugene McCain, head of the Horse Racing Jobs and Education Committee, and owner of a four-acre parcel in Revere that abuts Suffolk Downs. Whether you favor the further legalization of gambling, and whether you like horse racing, there are serious problems with Question 1, which is the latest chapter in an increasingly distasteful story about the kinds of patronage and special pleading that have made Massachusetts infamous.” Chris Sinacola weighs in on the Nov. 8 ballot.