Welcoming refugees in U.S. is the better way

The engagement of resilient immigrant populations is characteristic of our success as a nation and essential to our position in the world. And pinning fear about security on refugees is illogical. City attorney Alex Mooradian, with the help of a Sudanese refugee he’s counseled, tells you why.

Affordable housing reality check

Opponents are often vocal when a 40B development, or affordable housing, comes to their neighborhood. Many of these opponents go to great lengths to organize their communities against such development, campaigning at meetings and hearings, and through social media.

Although there are numerous zoning changes that cities and towns can implement to promote housing affordability, opponents often make changes politically unfeasible. And even those who are proponents of affordable housing in concept often maintain a “not-in-my-backyard” philosophy (NIMBYism).

Individuals cannot be fully blamed for their reticence in accepting economically integrated housing. In reality, a lot of affordable housing has been poorly designed and managed, such as large housing towers of the 1960s and ’70s that became areas of increased crime.