December 18, 2016

Worcester Weekly: Toys 4 Tacoma, ‘Christmas Carol’ + more to do, Dec. 18-24

Courtesy Orlando Baxter

Orlando Baxter, who grew up in Great Brook Valley and graduated from South High, is intent on giving back to his community.

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Sunday, Dec. 18 — Worcester Youth Orchestras Holiday Concert, 2:30 p.m., Mechanics Hall, 321 Main St.  OK, sure: a holiday concert sounds great. But “youth” — does it really have to be youth?! Don’t we have any adults around here who can blow a horn or carry a tune? This is the natural, instinctual reaction — but then, you check out the resume behind these cats and quickly realize this ain’t your average high school concert band. With nearly 70 years of tradition in the rear-view, WYO’s holiday extravaganza features four of its ensembles plus guests like a group from the Neighborhood Strings program.

Of course, all of this is no secret to many a discerning Worcesterite. Which is why as we were busily and fastidiously molding another finely crafted Sunday edition of the Worcester Sun for you, the concert pretty much sold out. But we still wanted to tell you how great WYO is, and we needed to brag a little about our free-to-read Sun Shine feature on Neighborhood Strings, which connects underprivileged city kids to musical instruments, lessons and much more than a new hobby. … So, y’know, mission accomplished.

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