December 11, 2016

Worcester Weekly: Jingle 5K, Craftershock! + more to do, Dec. 11-18

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Roller derby girls can make crafts, too ...

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Sunday, Dec. 11 — Craftershock! 2016, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Seven Hills Foundation, 81 Hope Ave.  This city has many things that make it distinct, unique even. Indeed we have a rich and proud history bursting at the seams with difference-makers of all shapes and sizes — from Goddard’s rockets to Ball’s smiley faces, from Abbey’s activism to Abbie’s activism. Now, for sure, roller derby couldn’t possibly provide the impact of, say, feverish abolitionism or advocacy of women’s rights, but Worcester Roller Derby is both a fascinating sporting endeavor and a home-away-from-home that provides an often important community for its members.

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Liz Couture, aka T-Flex

Joe Parello / For Worcester Sun

Liz Couture, aka T-Flex


Clearly these are no one-dimensional ladies. And for the sixth year, WoRD is putting on its “alternative craft fair,” featuring more than 70 vendors (and free admission). Homemade jewelry, vintage goods, art and photography, gifts and more. You’re going to be out shopping anyway — plus why risk making these women angry?!

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Wednesday, Dec. 14 — City Services Q&A, 3-4 p.m., 2nd Floor, Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Square  You’d think the city might want to make clear that they will not be taking questions about snow removal or taxes. This is, though, a pretty nifty service to have at your disposal — at least you can see all those rising tax dollars at work!

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