December 18, 2016

Mariano: Flag burning is a very emotional issue


This is how the flag should always look -- but many an American has fought for the rights of protesters to burn it, whether we like it or not.

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Ray Mariano

Ray Mariano

Growing up in the turbulent 1960s and ’70s, protests, some involving flag burning, occurred with some frequency. At that time, people felt their government leaders were lying to them. They were angry and their emotions were boiling over.

I was never comfortable with burning the American flag. Even as a young protester, burning the flag seemed the exact opposite of the point we were trying to make.

Most of us were saying that we loved our country and it was because we loved it that we expected more from our leaders. I always thought that we should have raised the flag high and let leaders know that this was OUR country.

As a young elected official, I remember being confronted with the issue. As the City Council was considering whether to pass some sort of law prohibiting flag burning, I turned to my dad for advice.

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3 thoughts on “Mariano: Flag burning is a very emotional issue

  1. I also am bothered by our flag being burned and walked upon. I was brought up to respect and honor the flag.
    I am bothered to see the flag being destroyed and disrespected. I was brought up to respect and honor the flag, the symbol of our country. How many of our veterans have died or are still suffering the effects of war? let us honor them with actions that would make them proud

  2. Good job!
    I believe your father is still with you.
    Respect seems like an endangered species.
    Flag burners are sending a mixed message and like a boomerang their message is marked “return to sender” tainted and tarnished – sometimes, delivered via a voting booth.