November 20, 2016

Worcester Weekly: A trip to the Galleria, WPI basketball + more to do, Nov. 20-26

Jon Endow / Courtesy WPI Athletics

Ama Biney has quickly become one of the top guards in the NEWMAC.

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Tuesday, Nov. 22 — “Mall Series: Worcester Galleria” by Stephen DiRado, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Rockwell Gallery, Worcester Historical Museum, 30 Elm St.  Not one, but two — count ‘em, two! — hosiery stores. [Is hosiery even a word anymore?! I’m guessing more kids could name the capital of South Dakota* than tell you what hosiery is.] C.B. Perkins Tobacco, out behind the Joahh-dan Maaaahhhsh. Windsor Button Shop. One of the nation’s first Chess Kings, even! All of these dusty old stores could’ve been your oyster had you decided to check out when it opened on July 29, 1971.

Maybe he wasn’t there on that first day, but talented photographer Stephen DiRado has had his eye on the city for decades and was definitely around the Galleria in the mid-’80s, right along with, like, all the hairspray, fingerless mesh gloves and indoor smoking Worcester had to offer. Oh, and Windsor Button Shop! Check out the Clark University professor’s nostalgic exhibit through Dec. 24. Admission is $5; free for members and students.

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*it’s Pierre, and yes — fine! — we had to look it up (to make sure, that’s all)


Thursday, Nov. 24 — Bishop’s Thanksgiving Dinner, noon, Cathedral of St. Paul, 38 High St.  If you’re reading this, chances are excellent that you have someplace to go for Thanksgiving dinner, and probably even at least a single loved one to spend it with. Odds are even better, then — based on the Sun’s proprietary transitive property of illegitimate ratios — that you’re among the lucky ones who could spare a few moments or even withstand altering your traditional plans to help the fine folks at Catholic Charities provide holiday meals to those less fortunate.

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