November 27, 2016

Worcester Weekly: Festival of Lights, tough call at Clark + more to do, Nov. 27-Dec. 3

Courtesy Sam James

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A Clarkie conundrum

Wednesday, Nov. 30 — Clark women’s basketball vs. Mount Holyoke, 7 p.m., Kneller Athletic Center, Clark University, 950 Main St.  This is not your average Wednesday evening at Clark University, thank you very much. There’s a lot to think about here: Do we support our fellow students, female athletes at that; or do we fill our liberally hued craniums with more stories of oppression at a lecture about housing evictions? All this and we’re still dealing with Trump. What is a Clarkie to do?

Well, Cougar fans, or anyone else who enjoys the competitive spirit of collegiate athletics, would do well to wend their way through campus and find a seat at the Kneller center to watch junior star Sam O’Gara and teammates take on the Panthers.

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