November 30, 2016

State Sen. Jamie Eldridge arrested with dozens others fighting for $15

Antonio Caban / State House News Service

Sen. Jamie Eldridge

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Cambridge Police arrested a state senator at a protest outside a McDonald’s restaurant early Tuesday morning, Nov. 29, according to the senator’s office, which said he was the only elected official among the 36 people arrested at the protest over wages.

An outspoken liberal who was protesting for higher wages and workers’ rights, Sen. Jamie Eldridge is an Acton Democrat and co-chairman of the Committee on Financial Services. Eldridge was arrested for civil disobedience, according to his office.

“I’m very proud of the brave workers for having the courage to stand up to billionaire corporations and to fight for what they deserve,” Eldridge said in a statement. “Big corporations have been exploiting lower-wage workers for decades, forcing people to work long hours and tough schedules without receiving fair holiday or sick pay, and without receiving a living wage.”

The Massachusetts minimum wage on Jan. 1 rises to $11 an hour, the last of three statutory annual $1 increments.

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