November 23, 2016

Editorial: A movement we can all stand behind

Wikimedia Commons / by powhusku

Want to skip this scene on Black Friday? Try Small Business Saturday instead.

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Healing does not come easily.

Whether you feel the general election 15 days ago created, exposed or exacerbated those things that divide our nation, it is clear these feelings are not ready to go gentle into that good night.

We stand in dire need of something that unites us. We need to move from derision and division to unity and community.

Fortunately, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, for many of us the beginning of a monthlong holiday season of giving and charity.

Unfortunately, for most, the day after is Black Friday, which has weaponized the act of holiday shopping. While the worst of the scourge has eluded Central Massachusetts, the levels of stress and fury elsewhere have become the stuff of YouTube legend. [See “Black Friday 2015 Fights, Brawls, Attacks, Theft, And Stampedes!” below.]

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One thought on “Editorial: A movement we can all stand behind

  1. Wonderful editorial – spot on. I’ve seen more commercials for this than previously. Love the new one with Ted Danson “but I like milkshakes”. Thanks for the piece