November 13, 2016

Inbox [Nov. 13]: MassDiGI game gurus team up against income inequality, Assumption talks religious freedom, Unity in the Community hosts Thursday event, shred documents at Sutton UniBank

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Becker, MassDiGI collaboration makes game to start national conversation

Becker College and MassDiGI have collaborated with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to build the free, fast-moving and fun social-impact game, “Lotto Boxes,” to address income inequality, what President Barack Obama has called “the defining challenge of our time.”

The mobile game’s development team, which also includes Worcester-based startup Petricore Games, led by Becker alumnus Ryan Canuel, and Becker senior Rejon Taylor-Foster, publicly launched the open beta version of “Lotto Boxes” at the SVCF Innovation Conference in San Francisco, Calif., last month.

“Working on ‘Lotto Boxes’ with Becker, MassDiGI and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation was a great opportunity for us,” said Canuel. “The high level of communication and collaboration that went into the effort was the key to finding the right way to balance the social impact message with gameplay.”

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