November 20, 2016

Editorial: Timely reassurance for Worcester’s undocumented immigrants

Wikimedia Commons

Refugees have long found a welcoming first stop in Worcester.

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America is a place where people want to be. For generations, the combination of opportunity, freedom and inclusion has lured us and kept us here.

In such a storied melting pot, immigration pressures are inevitable.

And solving them is not simple. The underlying premise of immigration policies and reforms, though, is easy: The United States must stay true to the identity that has helped bring it so much greatness.

That means protecting and encouraging the country’s diversity.

City View 2

In Worcester, we are especially blessed in this regard. We see it in the faces and businesses all around us. Our longstanding welcome to refugees and other newcomers, and to people of various heritages and faiths, is part of what makes our city a thriving and ever-evolving center of innovation and discovery.

The city is doing its part in another way, as well.  Last week, addressing worries that have swept Worcester as much as the nation in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the Oval Office, City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. said Worcester will continue its hands-off policy about pursuing suspects’ immigration status.

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