Editorial: Clinton for president

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We urge a vote for Hillary Clinton this Tuesday.

The way toward a less divisive and more productive nation will be smoother and surer with Clinton in the White House.

Over a long career in law, advocacy, teaching and politics — and even through the ups and downs of her marriage — she has shown herself to be an agile and dedicated team player.

Hillary Clinton

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton

Contrast her spirit of inclusiveness, openness to ideas, sensitivity to the powerless and support for shared goals with the ego-driven, empire-building track of businessman Donald Trump, and the choice of leader for our country is easy. Though Democrats and Republicans will always — as they should — challenge each other on the specifics, we need a leader who can guide and encourage both sides.

Action and intelligent compromises are needed on serious domestic concerns including health care, the economy, education and crime.

Beyond these interconnected issues, we want the United States to remain a beacon for freedom, peace and possibility that inspires the world. Clinton’s empathy for the plights of the voiceless and less fortunate, and her understanding of world dynamics as former secretary of state, make her far more ready to keep the beacon’s lights burning.

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