Inbox [Oct. 30]: MassDiGI and Pacheco honored, ‘Ice Storm’ author at Clark, Delta Dental pledges $20K to mobile effort, Bravehearts named top organization, WCLOC holds auditions

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MassDiGI, Pacheco earn EforAll Summit Awards

Kyla Pacheco of Action! Worcester and the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute at Becker College will be honored on Thursday at the Entrepreneurs for All Summit.

Pacheco has been named top entrepreneur, and MassDiGI won the group’s innovation award.

Kyla Pacheco speaks at a Worcester IdeaLab event.

Kyla Pacheco speaks at a Worcester IdeaLab event.

In the two years since Action! Worcester was founded, Pacheco has been a champion in the growth of the city of Worcester and has helped empower people and organizations to continue working together to revitalize the city. As an economic development-focused nonprofit with two foundational pillars — Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Development — the organization has its hand in many areas of development in the city.

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