Inbox [Oct. 12]: UMass Medical School professor lands grant, YCI seeks grant proposals, foreign policy expert lectures today at Clark, Holy Cross honors 5 alumni

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UMass Medical School professor’s lab receives $150K grant

Dorothy P. Schafer, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurobiology, has been awarded a Charles H. Hood Foundation grant to continue her research into improving child health. The grant will allow the Schafer lab to identify new ways that resident immune cells of the brain called microglia regulate the development of brain circuits necessary for processing sensory information.

UMass Medical School

Wikimedia Commons/Photo by og-emmet

UMass Medical School

“I’m thrilled to receive this award, particularly from a foundation devoted to funding child health research—my passion,” Schafer said.

The two-year, $150,000 Child Health Research Award is intended to support newly independent faculty, provide the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and assist in the transition to other sources of research funding.

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