Editorial: ‘No’ on Question 2

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Question 2 facing Massachusetts voters has, predictably, brought out conflicting arguments and a blitz of expensive ads.

The key to trying to find the better answer — whether to allow for expanded charter school numbers and enrollment — is to side with the ones making none of the noise but who matter the most: the children in our public schools.

Notice we said the “better” answer, not the “correct” one. There are good reasons to vote either way on Question 2.

The bottom line, for us, though, is “No.”

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

No, and also: Education should not be this difficult, nor this divisive.

We all want the best possible schooling for our children. We also want Massachusetts to remain a beacon for the rest of the nation on public education. Our state cherishes the ideal of opening wide the doors of learning to its children.

Let’s deliver on that ideal by shoring up the district schools the vast majority of public schoolchildren attend. Only about 4 percent of elementary and secondary pupils attend one of the state’s 78 public charter schools.

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