Editorial: Making the best of a bad ranking

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Is Worcester the worst city in America to live if you’re a person with a disability?

That may be a question you never pondered. Maybe, though, it’s one you should.

The question came to the forefront last week when WalletHub, a financial advocacy site known for its rankings, published “2016’s Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities.”

Using 25 criteria, a mix of economic and demographic data with a splash of, let’s just say, less-rigorous data, WalletHub presumed to rank the largest 150 cities in the country.

City View 2

Health care costs and the cost of living figure prominently is the criteria, which may explain why New England cities fared poorly and why 11 of the top 15 cities are in California, Arizona or Hawaii. According to the rankings, Worcester ranked dead last. Put another way, among the 150 largest cities in America, the city is the worst place for a person with a disability to live.

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