Editorial: Don’t stop the non-stop between Worcester and Boston

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Is it time for a heart-to-heart about the HeartToHub?

We don’t think so, but an engineer who lives in Ashland and rides the MBTA’s Framingham/Worcester Line thinks otherwise.

David Perry on Wednesday delivered an impressively detailed letter and petition to Gov. Charlie Baker. He calls for the elimination of the HeartToHub service in favor of added express trains that would serve more riders, at more convenient times, at more stations between Worcester and Boston.

Union Station

Sun Staff / Worcester Sun

HeartToHub is on track from Union Station, but is it meeting its goals?

HeartToHub is the non-stop train service that debuted in May, promoted by politicians and carrying the hope and expectation that it would be a strong step toward a future of smoother, environmentally friendly public transportation serving Worcester.

Though less than perfect — and likely deserving of schedule adjustments once a year has gone by — the service still serves, at least symbolically, as that strong first step toward a better commuter future.

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