Obituaries, Sept. 15, 2016

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Sue E. Anderton, 87, of Auburn

Sarah M. (Niles) Austin, 95, of Fitchburg

Richard A. Bosworth, 65, of Winchendon

Charlotte Calfaian, 98, of Worcester

Lola C. (Simpson) Connaughton, 95, of Grafton

Doris (Westwood) Cochran, 100, of Shrewsbury

Carol A. (Wilder) Couture, 65, of Gardner

Mary “ Maisie” Cunningham, 92, of Leominster

Kevin J. Daley, 70, of Worcester

Leatrice E.”Lee” (Tracy) Derosier, 93, of Spencer

Dorothy “Dori” (Pellon) DeSalvio, 78, of Worcester

Francessca Ann “Frankie” Falcone, 31, of Webster and Worcester

Helen E. (Guiney) Feleciano, 94, of Royalston

Robert Paul Gagnon, 51, of Southbridge

James Angelo Geremia Sr., 66, of Lunenburg

Kenneth P. Gleick, 66, of Leicester

Donald G. Gray Sr., 95, of Westminster

Dorothy E. Groden, 89, of Worcester

Dr. D. Geraldine “Gerry” Guertin, 89, of Worcester

Joseph A. Hedge, III, 67, of Worcester

Barbara Jean (Gibbs) Hogan, 94, of Northborough

Alice E. (Walsh) Hohler, 83, of Oxford

Paul R. Holms, 81, of Oxford

Felice E. (Pelkey) Johnson, 76, of Warren

Dimitroula “Beatrice” (Chiamis) Lambiris, 93, of Dudley

June C. (Chace) Lamoureux, 89, of Sturbridge

Richard V. Landry, 77, of East Woodstock, Conn.

Stefan J.S. Leduc, 45, of Worcester

Fred J. Link, 68, of Worcester

Kerri P. (O’Donnell) Lojko, 41, of Webster

Raymond Magnan, 81, of Woodstock, Conn.

William D. Mason, 69, of Southbridge

Ellen T. (Foley) Mawdsley, 101, of Worcester

Elizabeth “Bette” (Connole) Mitchell, 93, of Worcester

William T. Moriarty Jr., 83, of Putnam

Raymond L. “Ray” Nadeau, 80, of Gardner

Francis W. Niedenfuhr V, 90, of West Orange, N.J., Washington, D.C, and Westminster

Bernard “Bucky” Noar, 81, of Worcester

Mark J. Nowak, 38, of Worcester

Philip Michael Paolini, 65, of Worcester

Vite J. Pigaga, 88, of Worcester

David P. Saksa, 81, of Worcester

Anna (Titta) Savastano, 95, of Leicester and Worcester

Robert F. Sears, Jr., 74, of Southbridge and Brookfield

Dorothy A. (Mooney) Smith, 89, of West Boylston

Vincent R. Stakun, 93, of Worcester

Richard “Rick” W. Sullivan III, 63, of Port Charlotte, Fla., Cooper, Maine, Clinton and Sterling

Carole Ellen (Sparhawk) Sundeen, 80, of Auburn

Madeline Barbara “Dutch” Ricker Swain, 84, of Charlton

Shauna Ann Julian Trombley, 20, of North Grosvenordale, Conn.

Robert H. VanderSluis, 68, of North Grafton

Eugene R. Vivier, 73, of Spencer

Annette M. (Eldredge) Warren, 90, of Northborough

Anthony J. Zisk, 89, of Webster

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