Worcester County obituaries, Sept. 24, 2016

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John A. Alexiades, 86, of Whitinsville

Dennis D. Bilodeau, 64, of Leominster

Shelly A. (Williamson) Boisse, 48, of Ashburnham

Susan (Russell) Bonofiglio, 64, of Worcester

Frances P. (Nicoletti) Butler, 80

Laura Virginia Chalifoux, 76, of Southborough

Sean N. Chapdelaine, 43, of Northborough

Edna D. Christensen, 93, of Westborough

Margaret M. (Thornber) Crompton, 77, of Worcester

Jean N. (Malloy) Daniels, 84, of Leominster

Anna B. (Keyes) Day, 78, of Spencer

Ruth M. (Collins) Gilman, 83, of West Brookfield

Wayne L. Joslin, 67

Walter E. (Wally) Kustra, 60, of Worcester

Oscar R. LaBrack, 84, of Worcester

Francis “Michael” Lacosse, 62, of Worcester

Anita Y. (Thibault) Lambert, 93, of Winchendon

Daniel J. Lavoie, 26, of Manchester and West Boylston

Pauline (Walczak) Mancini, 88, of Leicester

Vildo A. Marcello, 89

Margaret D. “Peggy”(Lancelotte) McLaughlin, 68, of Leominster, Ayer and Woburn

Frances P. Nicoletti, 80

Wendy K. O’Connor, 65

Edda A. (DiGiovanni) Packer, 73, of Worcester and Chelsea

Diane D. (Girard) Ricci, 73, of Webster

Richard P. Shapiro, 73, of Ashland

Robert J. Skog, 70, of Westborough

Robert C. Steinmetz, 70, of Auburn

Yolanda L. (Rossi) Tenczar, 102, of Southbridge

Sister Lucille Gloria Tetreault, formerly known as Sister Lucille Marie, 85, of Marlboro

Evelyn M. (Arsenault) Theriault, 66 of Phillipston

Frances D. (Kroll) Thompson, 95, of Southbridge

Candido A. (“Torc”) Torcoletti, 97

Rita (Savaria) Trudeau, 98, of Charlton

Virginia “Ginger” M. (Valis) Vallee, 81, of Northbridge

Erin L. Williamson, 32, of Southbridge

William “Harry” Williston, 75, of Holden

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