With CTHRU state officials eye greater transparency in government

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Massachusetts Comptroller Thomas Shack is poised to give anyone interested the opportunity to take a closer look at the digital innards of state government with a new transparency website aptly called CTHRU.

Rather than going the traditional procurement route, Shack has taken the innovation vibe and run with it, choosing to enter into a subscription with a company called Socrata that takes a no-frills approach to serving up public information on state spending and payroll in a user-friendly manner.

It may soon be easier for the public -- and the media -- to gain access to public documents in Massachusetts.


Searching for public documents in Massachusetts? Forget stacks of paper — soon more digital options, and openness, will be available, state officials say.

The site, set to go live Sept. 14, was assembled from start to finish this year and the subscription cost, $175,000 to $200,000 per year, is less than what the state might have paid a vendor as part of a long-term, customized contract.

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