Sina-cism: In search of parking, and a little clarity, in Worcester

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One evening not long ago, the parking spots all along Worcester’s Green Street being engaged, I turned into the Gen. Josiah Pickett municipal parking lot so as to leave my car out of harm’s way.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

The Pickett lot contains a few dozen of the nearly 5,000 public parking spaces in downtown Worcester. But, like much public parking, in Worcester and elsewhere, it is not always clear which spaces are available, to whom, when, and at what price.

Yes, a large sign advertises parking at the usual 90-cents-per-hour rate for downtown surface lots. But on this evening all the spaces with parking meters — a minority of the total — were occupied. The others don’t have meters, but are guarded by another sign declaring parking is by permit only.

Sinacola thinks the city's current parking solutions have run out of time.


Sinacola thinks the city’s current parking solutions have run out of time.

Having no idea what permit could be required, and seeing no pay station, I reasoned Worcester officials would surely rather have me stay and enjoy dinner rather than be discouraged by signage and choose, say, Holden or Shrewsbury.

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