On Beacon Hill: Healey backs Baker in DCR flap; Joe O’Brien takes aim at Campanale, others

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From State House News Service


  • Baker takes GOP heat for DCR flap, but has Healey on his side
  • Ex-Worcester mayor O’Brien puts lawmakers in environmental crosshairs
  • Videos: Healey on Baker and DCR; and prescription database
  • CVS to require pharmacists to check database before filling opiate scripts
Massachusetts State House

Wikimedia Commons/Hsin Ju HSU

Massachusetts State House


Baker taking hits from both sides amid DCR party flap, but AG Healey has his back

Gov. Charlie Baker is facing calls to take further disciplinary action against two senior state employees who used state resources to throw a private party on July 3 in Boston, with groups representing Democrats and Republicans urging Baker to fire both employees.

Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy and Deputy Commissioner Matthew Sisk will be suspended without pay this week for using taxpayer money on a private party at the Beacon Street home of a prominent state Republican Party leader, and will be off the job until Sept. 9, the state confirmed.

Roy and Sisk have paid the state back more than $800 for the state resources they used to plan and host the party, which coincided with the Boston Pops Independence Day dress rehearsal concert at the Esplanade’s Hatch Shell, a DCR property. The party was held at a condo owned by Ron Kaufman, the state’s Republican national committeeman.

Watch: AG Healy reacts to Baker administration actions

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