Obituaries, Sept. 11, 2016

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Isabella Marie Allain, infant, of Spencer

Marion A. (Russell) Aubin, 80, of Sterling

Marjorie A. (Solomon) Auger, 82, of Worcester

Kathleen E. (Kelleher) Balcom, 88, of Worcester

Frederick E. Balicki, 71, of Athol

Donald F. Better, 58, of Barre

Sandra Bluyus, 72, of Spencer

Richard A. Bordeaux, 88, of Chatham and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Wanita M. (King) Boulay, 87, of Millbury

Helen R. (McCauley) Breault, 93, of Templeton, Oakham and Holden

Mary “ Maisie” Cunningham, 92, of Leominster

Kevin J. Daley, 70, of Worcester

Adele M. Degutis, 93, of Worcester

Dorothy “Dori” (Pellon) DeSalvio, 78, of Worcester

Thomas F. Dowd Sr., 84, of Worcester

Ruth E. (Woodcock) Eastman, 96, of Oxford

Greta R. Favreau, 53, of Sturbridge

Richard M. Freeman, 60, of Worcester

Joseph P. Golas, 73, of Worcester

Gerald G. Gosslin, Sr., 75, of Southbridge

Denise R. (Varin) Hast, 64, of New York City, Reading and Worcester

John H. Jackson, 90

Felice E. (Pelkey) Johnson, 76, of Warren

Andrew Anthony Koval, Jr., 82, of Shrewsbury

Michael W. Madden, 50, of Woodstock

James Malley, Sr., 84, of Worcester

Anne S. (Richardson) Mason, 76, of Princeton

Richard Westervelt “Dick” Meier, 85, of Clinton

William T. Moriarty Jr., 83, of Putnam

Laura F. Morin, 69, of Athol

Rita A. (Benoit) Mullen-Cerrone, 94, of Rutland

Alice M. (LeBlanc) Ostrowski, 86, of Webster

Louis A. Petruzzi, 85, of East Brookfield

Robert T. Phillips, 88

William J. Ryan, Jr., 57 of Uxbridge

Dorothy A. (Mooney) Smith, 89, of West Boylston

Claire Jo (Fredin) Sohlman, 89, of Charlton

Frances R. (Hamel) Sparks, 87, of Auburn

Agnes M. (Savard) Stevens, 96, of Dudley

Kenneth E. Towle, 76, of Charlton

Susan M. (Menard) Webber, 59, of Southbridge

Edward J. Weldon, Jr., 78, of Worcester

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