Obituaries, Sept. 1, 2016

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Eugenia Andrianopoulos, 93, of Worcester

Athanasios “Arthur” Athanasiou, 94

Cynthia A. “Cindy” (Fontaine) Baker, 62, of Dudley

Rita Anne (Rossini) Baker, 91, of Southborough

Dorothy A. Beccia, 89, of Whitinsville

Joyce A. (Warwick) Beshai, 80, of West Boylston

Florence L. (Cote) Walker Collins Boivin, 80, of Fitchburg

Gerald J. “Gerry” Bourgeois, 81, of Gardner

Martha A. (Sleuman) Bowles, 94, of Worcester

Hannah Helena Burns, 21, of Northbridge

Rene P. Bussiere, 53, of Webster

Kaliopi T. (Gero) Demma, 96, of Worcester

Zofia (Lach) Doroz, 92, of Worcester

Barbara Ann (Cleary) Dutchka, 92, of Clinton and Westborough

Beatrice Eileen Gagne, 96, of Orlando, Fla., Gardner and Fitchburg

Donald H. Gilbert, 92, of Webster

Tammy L. (Mathena) Goguen, 57, of Winchendon

Robert Joseph Guertin, 66, of Worcester

Shirley M. Kopiec, 94, of Worcester

Marrion P. (Lumb) Carlson Lamarche, 87, of Princeton

John R. “Jack” Lowther, 70, of Whitinsville

Albert E. Mason II, 66, of Southbridge

Richard S. Mason, 44, of Dudley

Michael J. McCaffrey, 73, of Milford

Carol A. (Battista) McKeon, 68, of Worcester

William Joseph McShane Sr., 92

Jeffrey James Meloni, 55, of Southborough

Karen M. (Steeves) Monaco, 43, of Upton

Russell H. Nordwell, 89, of Westborough

Amie Marie Ocasio-Martinez, 36, of Baldwinville

Mary A. (Clancy) O’Connor, 67, of Worcester

Richard F. Odlum, Jr., 78, of Worcester

David J. O’Toole, 43, of Spencer

Donald C. Parker, Jr., 57, of Groton, Conn., and Boylston

Bert W. Parkhurst Jr., 75, of Winchendon

Pauline (Tait) Perry, 90, of Worcester and Holden

Betty H. Pletschke, 94, of Clinton

Amie M. (Parker) Ploof, 48, of Spencer

Evelyn M. (Watson) Rabine, 97, of Wauconda, Ill., and Shrewsbury

Austin James ‘A.J.’ Robbins, 18, of Lunenburg

Robert Roche, 75, of Worcester

Marilyn Joyce (Joseph) Rosen, 80, of Holden and Worcester

Sister Cynthia Rouleau, 68, of Worcester

Rebecca (McKinstry) Sacramone, 71, of Brookfield

Edwin Sanchez, 59, of Southbridge

Bettie V. (Goulding) Sandquist, 86, of Holden

Brian Schreiber, 67, of Worcester

Anthony Michael Sevigny, 25, of Winchendon

Emily Ruth (Foster) Smith, 91, of Holden

Barbara A. Sparks, 65, of Worcester

Irena (Zielinska) Stepien, 93, of Worcester

Elinor M. (Kowalcek) Sullivan, 79, of Lancaster and Bolton

Zachary Kenneth Sydney, 14, of Northborough

Kimberly Anne (Anderson) Tanner, 48, of Boylston

Sophie W. (Bazydlo) Tomasino, 88, of Leicester

Ann (Lanava) Walsh, 83, of Worcester

Joseph Andre Zeno, 88, of Worcester

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