Editorial: Worcester, a city coming together one challenge at a time

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Local residents and leaders have long tried to put their finger on just what it is that Worcester “lacks.”

We feel now that — almost while we weren’t looking — the question has been fading.

Coalescing in the city is a key element you can’t build with a crane or put on a points-of-interest map: a dynamic, palpable sense of community and support from the people who live and work here.

From this comes serendipity, vibrancy and surprise — the sorts of things that have helped make other cities come alive. While there’s still much to do, await and hope for, our city is distinguishing itself as a unique and worthwhile place to be.

Worcester is on its way.

Union Station

Wikimedia Commons

Union Station

Downtown, for all its struggles, is at the center of the upswing. For years, big pieces have been coming in. Multimillion-dollar projects, along with impressive vision, risk and hard work, have strengthened the city core. In two decades we’ve brought beautiful Union Station back from the dead, brightened the library, swapped in new office buildings for an awkward mall, opened an elegant and busy theater, added housing, and put in lovely touches on the Common, among other improvements. And more is on the way.

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