Editorial: Overeager on Augustus

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We like City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. very much. But we’re not quite in the “Augustus or bust” camp, and wish more city councilors felt the same.

Praise for a job well done is part of professionalism. But it can go overboard.

In any well-run system, there is always room for skepticism and constructive criticism.

Edward M. Augustus Jr.

Courtesy NAMI Mass

Edward M. Augustus Jr.

So we are less than enthusiastic about rushing to renew the contract of any key employee — in this case, that of Augustus.

But the push is on. The matter is the sole item on the agenda for a meeting of the City Council’s Municipal Operations Committee this Tuesday, Sept. 27.

It’s still a year before Augustus’ three-year contract, which paid him $226,084 last year, expires Oct. 3, 2017.

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