Worcester Weekly: Worcester Aud tours, Canal District fun + 4 more things to do, starting Aug. 14

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Sunday, Aug. 14 — Worcester Auditorium AUD Tours, 12:45 and 1:30 p.m., Worcester Memorial Auditorium, Lincoln Square  Before there were AUD Tours [why are they yelling?!] and food truck zones, there was the Worcester Sun, and a little thing we like to call Worcestory Lesson. And our astute members flocked in droves to city history expert David DuBois’ finely crafted portrait of the underappreciated antique gem. [We appreciate you, big fella!]

Leon Kroll mural featuring city residents inside the Aud.

David DuBois / For Worcester Sun

Leon Kroll mural featuring city residents inside the Aud.

This must’ve inspired all the culture types downtown to band together to provide these Preservation Worcester-guided tours, complete with organ demonstrations and photography exhibits — and, y’know, lots of history knowledge, probably mostly about the Aud. Or AUD. Only one more chance after this, next Sunday, Aug. 21. Tours are free and parking is available in a lot at 34 Highland St.

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Tuesday, Aug. 16 — Master Singers of Worcester Open Sing, Brahms’ ‘Requiem’, 6:30-9 p.m., Gifford Hall, First Congregational Church of Shrewsbury, 19 Church Road  Ever just feel like you have to stand up and sing? No? Me neither … but lots of people do. Outside the shower, even. It’s true. And, so, there’ll be a bunch of those sort of folks getting together to first rehearse then perform this challenging, expansive and emotional work from the 1860s by German composer Johannes Brahms.

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