The Wide Woo of Sports: To the point with Worcester Fencing Club — en garde!

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If football, baseball, basketball and other traditional sports aren’t your thing, the Worcester Fencing Club offers a unique athletic endeavor, full of strategy and history dating back centuries.

The history of Worcester’s fencing club is a bit shorter. The club was founded in 1998, but purchased three years ago by accomplished competitive fencer and coach Syd Fadner.

Fadner began fencing in her 20s while looking for something different after college, but she quickly became a key figure at the Boston Fencing Club. A decade later, Fadner was named Boston College’s fencing coach, helped launch the school’s varsity fencing program, and turned it into one of the best NCAA fencing programs in New England.

Worcester Fencing Club students practice their form.

Joe Parello / For Worcester Sun

Worcester Fencing Club students practice their form.

Now in Worcester, Fadner sees an opportunity to teach the sport to an even younger generation, and turn a curiosity into a passion.

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