On Beacon Hill: Spring ahead — to a time when we don’t change Bay State clocks?

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From State House News Service


  • Lawmakers to study time-zone change, despite Baker skepticism
  • Experts talk drought, its potential lingering effects
  • U.S. Rep. Lynch the latest Mass. Dem to take on Trump


$1B economic development bill includes mandate to consider time-zone shift

Embedded in the $1 billion economic development bill Gov. Charlie Baker signed last week was a measure that could affect when morning begins in Massachusetts.

Under the law, a bipartisan commission would spend some of the fall and winter studying the impacts of permanently shifting Bay State clocks onto Eastern Daylight Time. The panel of lawmakers and executive branch officials must look at impacts of a time-zone alteration on local and regional economies, education, public health, transportation, energy consumption, commerce and trade.

While Baker agreed to the measure and said the administration would study the issue, he said Thursday that he favors the status quo.

Gov. Charlie Baker's state budget vetoes put him at odds with legislative leaders.

State House News Service

Gov. Charlie Baker’s not exactly awaiting the time zone-change study with baited breath.

“I think the time zones we have are fine and they’ve been fine for a very long time. This was particularly important to some folks in the Senate that there be a legislative committee put together to study it, and in deference to the Senate’s interest in doing that we signed that. But my view is the current structure we have is fine,” Baker told reporters on Thursday. “I especially worry that if we head too far down this road we could end up creating a lot of problems for ourselves with respect to all sorts of issues around work schedules, commuting schedules and a whole bunch of other things.”

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