Obituaries, Aug. 9, 2016

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Janet L. Beer, 83, of Spencer

Edward A. Boltruczyk, 86, of Worcester

Helen J. Boria, 96, of Auburn

Kenneth Alfred Breton, 69, of Leominster

Dorothy E. Brommels, 93, of Worcester

Ross F. Burnett, 90, of South Portland, Maine, and Auburn

Herbert H. Burtt, 87, of Leicester

Thomas J. Cantwell, 65, of Sturbridge

Carol A. (Stevens) Cavanaugh, 76, of Lancaster

Don A. “Bippy” Cooper, Sr., 69, of Clinton

Nancy J. (Brote) Copeland, 81, of Auburn

Maria P. (Alcaraz) Eaton, 92, of Uxbridge

Jacqueline (Stabile) Gaudino, 85

Leona Y. “Lee” (Delage) Genereux, 90, of Southbridge

Shirley A. (Rich) Gilfoy, 89, of Worcester

Sandra M. Graciolett-Gomez, 72, of Worcester

Marlene Ann (Barnes) Gullett, 84, of West Boylston

Jeanette Hall, 76, of Uxbridge

Karen N. Hawkins, 54, of Worcester

Elaine W. (Lind) Henderson, 86, of Worcester

Keith F. Hickey, 35, of Jefferson

Jennie R. (Kulis) Hinrichs, 98, of Southbridge

Patricia A. Johnson, 62, of Clinton

Jacqueline A. (Johnson) Kinzer, 62, of Gardner

Patricia G. Lasky, 83, of Gardner

George A. Legere, Jr., 61, of Fitchburg and Berlin

Thomas E. Lovejoy, 71, of Dudley

Frank C. Lubas, 89, of Northbridge

Brian P. “Archie” McArdle, 60, of Millbury

Helen M. Mahoney, 81, of Worcester

Rita R. (Ignasac) Marino, 89, of Southbridge

Constance M. (Tetreault) Maurice, 81, of Brooklyn, Conn.

Nicolina P. (Franciose) Merriam, 91, of Leominster

Maureen B. Moir, 82, of Worcester

Michael “Mugsy” W. Moran, 61 of Worcester

Delia E. (Bourdon) Murray, 99, of Whitinsville

Thomas J. Mutti, 37

Martha F. (Dove) Nieto, 78, of Camarillo, Calif.

Jose M. Perez, 96, of Webster

Shirley T. (Steele) Perry, 91, of Worcester

Sandra Provost, 52

Ellen Ella (Simmons) Rondeau, 90, of Mendon

Mary C. (Stewart) Rushing, 62, of Leominster

George William Saari, 88, of Westminster

Eliseo M. Santos, 17, of Southbridge

Richard L. Seuss, 93, of West Boylston

Donald J. Spooner, 79, of Westborough

William F. Spring, 57

Patricia L.”Pat” Szczur, 72, of Grafton

William “Bill” E. Taft, 87, of Kennebunk, Maine, and Uxbridge

Suzan J. (Riopel) Tallman, 66, of Baldwinville

Lorraine J.  (Letendresse) Tetreau, 74, of Douglas

Sophie W. (Bazydlo) Tomasino, 88, of Leicester

John N. Vangel, 73, of Worcester

Lee W. Waid, 95, of Winchendon

Marion J. (Nevers) Willett, 78, of Worcester

Nellie Joyce Wilson, 71, of Baldwinville and Winchendon

Richard A. Wilson Jr. of Worcester

Mario V. Zona, 91, of Worcester

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