Obituaries, Aug. 27, 2016

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Clifford C. Albrecht, Jr. 74, of Clearwater, Fla.

Rita M. (Albert) Bianchi, 89, of Clinton

Martha A. (Sleuman) Bowles, 94, of Worcester

Edmond O. Breault, 90, of Webster

Hannah Helena Burns, 21, of Northbridge

Phyllis Evelyn (Haidukiewicz) Casey, 85, of Gardner

L. Roland Choiniere, 90, of Webster

Keith G. Dewar, 34, of Milford

Joshua Paul Richard Dryden, 25, of Worcester and Grafton

Raymond G. Dunphe, 73, of Oxford

Sylvia A. (Koski) Erickson, 102, of Templeton

Richard D. Finney, 77, of Brookfield

K. Helen (Mamuska) Fleming, 95, of Worcester and Charlton

Judith A. (McCourt) Girouard, 83, of Shrewsbury

Vickie Lou “Vicki” (Basham) Goss, 78, of Shrewsbury

Matthew Lee Grucan, 55, of Shirley

Glen W. Heath, 75, of Grosvenordale

Marcella F. “Frankie” Herring, 88, of Spencer

Jeffrey A. Johnston, 39, of Worcester

Jonathan Lamarine, 65, of Holland

Garnold L. ‘Jack’ Lamb, 78, of Lunenburg

Kevin J. Legrow, 40, of Webster

Richard Lawrence Leroux, 72, of Brimfield

Robert M. Martin, 83, of Rochdale

Neill I. McCreedy, 24, of Templeton

Priscilla A. (Lenore) McGough, 76, of Worcester

Germaine M. Melanson, 91, of Gardner

Robert J. “Bob” Miller, 95, of Putnam, Conn.

Theresa (Wassmer) Mogavero, 85, of Sturbridge

Eugene Joseph Moriarty, Jr., 82, of Ormond Beach, Fla., and Fitchburg

Michael Anthony Morin, 38, of Westminster

Richard F. Odlum, Jr., 78, of Worcester

Ruth T. O’Donnell, 92, of Worcester

Judith A. Palmer, 81, of Worcester

Robert F. Para, Sr., 90, of Southbridge

Demitrios Partsalis, 92, of Dudley

David B. Pollack, 76

Evelyn M. (Watson) Rabine, 97, of Wauconda, Ill., and Shrewsbury

Daniel F. Rawlston, Sr., 73, of Worcester

Anthony T. Redman, 68, of Worcester

Joseph M. Ricard, Sr., 61, of Worcester

James E. Ringquist Jr., 69, of Ashburnham

Lydia M. Rios, 77, of Worcester

Marilyn Joyce (Joseph) Rosen, 80, of Holden and Worcester

Arjan Ruqi, 32, of Worcester

Walter Sawicki, 98, of Gardner

Barbara A. Sparks, 65, of Worcester

Pauline E. ‘Polly’ (Heier) Stanton, 86, of Columbus, Ohio

Geraldine E. (Miller) Tarasiak, 65, of Millbury

Kathy (Iatrou) Thomopoulos, 82, of Clinton

Felicita Marty-Torres, 83, of Worcester

Edward F. White, 77, of Southbridge

Carlos Miguel Maldonado Zayas, 24, of Worcester

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