Editorial: Strides for women, and everyone, in Worcester

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Women in Worcester have been inspiring each other, and inspiring change, for decades.

Another chance to do that comes this Friday afternoon, Aug. 26, when Women’s Equality Day will be celebrated behind City Hall.

Edward M. Augustus Jr.

Courtesy NAMI Mass

Edward M. Augustus Jr.

The program starts at 12:15 and will feature remarks by City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. and City Councilor-at-Large Kate Toomey. It will also be a chance to mingle with representatives of various local groups involved in women’s issues, and consider where women stand now with respect to the many-faceted topic of equality.

One of those facets, women’s suffrage, was settled enough years ago to

have slipped into the slumbers of history. But to our ancestors, the political and moral struggle was very controversial.

Kate Toomey

Courtesy city of Worcester


Women have been guaranteed the right to vote in this country since the 19th Amendment took effect Aug. 26, 1920. Since 1971, Women’s Equality Day has been a national observance on Aug. 26 marking the constitutional amendment.

Considering most modern women take voting as much for granted as they take it to heart — and that this year’s Election Day has a good chance to put a female behind the Oval Office’s powerful desk — 96 years seems a rather short period for women to have had full legal access to the polls. But that’s only as long as it’s been in Massachusetts and most other states.

Worcester pushed the fight forward in 1850.

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