Editorial: Rising Sun — doing what we came here to do

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Proclaiming “It’s a new day in Worcester,” we launched Worcester Sun on Aug. 9, 2015.

That day we began a bold experiment in local news. Some called it “audacious and risky.” We called it worthwhile.

We started by publishing only on Sundays. We didn’t cover breaking news. We engaged journalists, not “content creators.” We sought out professional copy editors, far too many of whom these days have the time to work with us despite a dramatic increase in media outlets.

Sun Logo

We were driven to be the most thoughtful, most insightful media company in Worcester, turning down the volume on and eschewing the divisive nature of what digital media can become when left unattended.

Perhaps most audacious of all, we put a price on our journalism, $2 a week, and had no advertising on the website.

We asked people to join us in creating a sustainable media company based on the shared experiences of the community of Worcester.

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