Worcester Weekly: Ashley Jordan performs + 5 more things to do, July 31-Aug. 6

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Monday, Aug. 1 — Harvest Produce with YouthGROW, 2-5 p.m., Oread Street Farm, 63 Oread St.  That’s right — chores. We’re giving you chores to do during summer vacation. And you’re going to enjoy them, whether you like it or not! Regional Environmental Council administers YouthGROW, an “employment and development program for low-income teens,” among many other initiatives which aim to close the gap between fresh produce and inner-city, lower-income families.

Get your vegetables here!


Get your vegetables here!

YouthGROW’s yield at the Oread Street Farm helps supply REC’s Mobile Farmers Markets that truck fruits and vegetables all over the city a few days a week into late October. So you’d be helping people help people, which I’m pretty sure gets you into heaven. So, y’know, this could be a big day for you.

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Tuesday, Aug. 2 — National Night Out, 5:30 p.m., YMCA’s Fuller Family Park, 104 Murray Ave.  Speaking of heaven, ever drive down Murray Avenue on a hot August evening? All puffy clouds and harp music and pearly gates, that’s for sure. Anyhow, a little ways down, past the body shop and the church and the white light is a little slice of good called the Fuller Family Park, behind the YMCA, where the local community gathers yearly to observe National Night Out, a “night against crime, drugs and violence” and for community building.

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