State lawmakers send revised $39.15B budget to Baker [with video]

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Reacting to a fast-changing revenue picture late in their budgeting process, legislative leaders pared their state spending plan through a series of cuts and financial maneuvers to produce a $39.15 billion budget bill set to be dumped on Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk just in time for some in the administration to spend their holiday weekend determining whether lawmakers went far enough.

Baker said Thursday that he plans to use the Independence Day weekend to take a deep dive into the Legislature’s compromise spending plan agreed to by negotiators Wednesday.

“I’m glad to be getting it before the end of the fiscal year,” Baker said of the budget (H 4450) that the House and Senate passed late Thursday night. “I think that’s a real tribute, frankly, to the collaborative spirit the House and Senate brought to the process.”

Watch Gov. Baker talk about the compromise spending plan

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