Sina-cism: Diversity is no guarantee of good government for Worcester

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Worcester Sun recently published an interview with Worcester’s chief diversity officer, Malika Carter.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

Carter seems sincere in her desire to broaden opportunity in Worcester. She has, for example, worked to better explain the civil service process and city hiring opportunities to groups traditionally unaware of or poorly informed about them.

But while it is critical that government guarantee equality of opportunity, it is equally critical that government not try to guarantee equality of results.

On that point, I am concerned. Not because Carter explicitly endorses such a position, but because her words echo that distinctively modern “philosophy” which, because it lacks core guiding principles, is unable to discern any limits to government.

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Malika Carter, Worcester chief diversity officer

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

Malika Carter, Worcester chief diversity officer

Recognizing and remedying injustices, along with urging the poor and disenfranchised to participate fully in society, are laudable. But without clear philosophical guidance, such laudable instincts can yield prescriptions that run afoul of common sense, natural law and constitutional principles.

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