Obituaries, July 26, 2016

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Wildredo Alers-Rosa, 83, of Southbridge

Claudette T. (Boivin) Andersen, 81, of Worcester

Jon Roger Anderson, 79, of Athol

Alice G. (Vail) Birkbeck, 90, of Worcester

Matthew L. Bisceglia, 65

James D. Bonofilio, 64, of Worcester

Brenda A. Boucher Puputti, 58

David B. Borci, 63, of Worcester

Yolanda L. (Conti) Capoccia, 94, of Leominster, Watertown and Weston

Paul E. Daigneault, 76, of Auburn

Lee A. Daniels, 37, of North Grosvenordale, Conn.

Ermalene T. (LeBlanc) DePratti, 84, of Athol

John A. Dudley, 73, of Holden

Cecilia Duling, 94, of West Fitchburg

Lois (Johnson) Earhart, 97, of Southborough

Sister Margaret Roberta Elliot, 88, of Worcester

Phyllis E. (Fyffe) Francis, 75, of Shrewsbury

Audrey (Fayard) Fulginiti, 57, of Worcester

Stephen D. Harris, 84, of Charlton

Peter J. “PJ” Joncas, 49, of Auburn and Grafton

Karl J. Juntunen, 70, of Leominster

Nicholas Kanaracus, 68, of Worcester

Richard W. Knight, 72, of Holden

Helen T. McCabe, 92, of Shrewsbury

Jean F. Merzigian, 84

Rita M. Moulin, 89

Ruthe M. (Williams) Olson, 96, of Shrewsbury

Patricia A. (Bednarek) Pontbriand 82, of Spencer

Jeanne L. (DeLongchamp) Provencher, 90, of Spencer

Susan S. (Quigley) Rivernider, 71, of Webster

Charles L Schofield Sr., 77, of Leominster

Albanto “Albert” Scola, 89

Paul A. Swearingen, 60, of Worcester

Germaine (LeBeau) Touchette, 80, of Putnam

Ada M. Tremblay, 82

Carl J. Vasseur, 69, of Westminster

Kenneth R. Wheeler 83, of Spencer

Stanley W. Whynott, 86, of Grafton

Doris A. “Dodie” Willis, 83, of Pomfret, Conn.

Jeannie M.“Mimsie” (Santos) Wilson, 57, of Leicester

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