Local Business Spotlight: ETAwiz, Worcester-developed app is right on time

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Very rarely would one pinpoint a vintage car show as the site for modern innovation.

It was in this setting of lax fuel emissions standards and pastel-painted tailfins, however, that ETAwiz — a free, location based-service app recently launched in the Apple App Store — would find its beginning between CEO and Founder Kevin Anderson and Chief Operating Officer Michael Aguirre.

Founder Kevin Anderson presents his app (screenshot design by Matthew Reynolds).

Courtesy ETAwiz

Founder Kevin Anderson presents his app (screenshot design by Matthew Reynolds).

As its name implies, ETAwiz orients itself around the abilities to share, receive and coordinate travelers’ expected times of arrival. From its most casual to most corporate of uses, ETAwiz is marketed as being able to service groups between “two and two-thousand members,” though the upper boundary is actually open-ended.

Designed to be used irrespective of audience — friends meeting for a post-work drink; a pizza delivery service informing a family when it should set out the paper plates; or a stranded motorist waiting for roadside assistance — Aguirre’s and Anderson’s app was constructed around the adage that “knowledge is power.”

“If I don’t know if someone is coming to my home or office, my mind starts to wander,” said Aguirre. “Just using this app, just knowing their ETA, that could definitely make you feel better” — particularly in an emergency or other high-stress situation.

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