Editorial: Worcester gets what it pays for

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When it comes to government, everyone complains.

It could be something you’ve seen or heard, a negative personal experience or shared frustrations.

Even media shares in this, some would say to a large degree. The city of Worcester came under fire for its problems clearing the streets of snow and ice last winter, and the Sun took up the issue in a report [here], an editorial [here], and David Hitch’s editorial cartoons [here, here and here].

All of this belies the fact that hundreds of people toil day in and day out on behalf of the residents, workers and commuters of Worcester. They do so in comparative obscurity, making the city generally safe and livable, and one in which everyone should take pride.

The city's Keep Worcester Clean program is piling up positive results.


The city’s Keep Worcester Clean program is piling up positive results.

It’s important to note when things work as they should. The efforts of city employees merit more than a passing “That’s what we pay for,” or “That’s their job.”

In this vein we take a look at something you won’t see: 244 tons of trash.

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