Editorial: Time for a tuneup on Worcester parking

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In a lot of cities, parking is exciting — if you call sweating and swearing while driving exciting. When, where and whether you’ll find it, and how much it’ll dent your wallet, are worries as soon as you enter city limits.

In Worcester, we’re luckier. Parking’s pretty boring. With about 10,000 parking spaces — nearly half of them municipally owned — we usually have little difficulty dropping off our vehicles for a few minutes or hours.

That’s a key advantage pointed out in a recent report from the Worcester Regional Research Bureau.

The report, “Parking in Worcester: Left by the Curb,” describes weaknesses in other areas — revenue, upkeep and a bureaucracy that’s basically Kelley Square on paper — and offers general recommendations we believe the city ought to heed.

In terms of parking availability, though, and “despite the grumbling,” the report tells us we’ve got it good.

Not to mention there’s a gradually growing list of things to see and do downtown that makes us want to come, car and all, if we decide against one of the public-transportation choices.

But now for the bad news from the study. For one: Modest price increases are likely in store at the four municipal parking garages.

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