Editorial: Cue the artists — Worcester teams with Futurecity

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No one is exactly sure what will come from Worcester teaming with London-based Futurecity to develop ideas for the Theatre District.

But then, that’s what art is like.

Someone lifts a pen, a paintbrush — and expectations lift, too. We have to wait and see what develops.

Tuesday’s announcement by the Massachusetts Cultural Council strikes us as a low-risk leap into a wider look at urban planning.

The mural on the back of the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Sun staff / The Worcester Sun

The mural on the back of the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.

In essence, Futurecity, which for more than a decade has served as a self-described “placemaker” for municipalities in England and elsewhere, will work with the state’s three largest cities to brainstorm ways to incorporate art and culture into local economic-development projects.

The focus of Futurecity Mass in Boston will be the Fenway Cultural District, while Springfield will discuss its Central Cultural District.

Here in Worcester, the canvas awaiting local artists and leaders is the downtown Worcester Theatre District, whose creative and thorough master plan was unveiled in late 2012.

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