Worcester Weekly: Rock the Fourth + 5 more things to do, June 26-July 2

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Sunday, June 26 — Worcester Bravehearts vs. Nashua Silver Knights, 5:05 p.m., Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field, 1 College St.  This one is a true clash of the titans. Yup, that’s right: Wonder Woman vs. Princess Elsa — who will be the last one standing?! See, it’s Superhero and Princess Day out at the Bravehearts. Don’t worry, boys, Batman’s going to be there, too. Well, lots of bat-men, actually, ’cause there’s still a ballgame to consider, and a good one at that.


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One thought on “Worcester Weekly: Rock the Fourth + 5 more things to do, June 26-July 2

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