Obituaries, June 22, 2016

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Eleanor S. (Stevenson) Allen, 95, of Leominster

Moses G. Arakelian, 89, of Northbridge

Clifford J. Audette, 87, of Worcester

Catherine B. (Gately) Baril, 95, of Southbridge

Helen S. (Fedorczuk) Boutiette, 93, of South Grafton

Phyllis L. (McDonagh) Bulman, 88

Warren “Web” E. Burgess, 85, of Northborough

Gertrude L. (Hazard) Burnett, 89, of Leominster

Harry J. “Jack” Carlson III of Webster

Virginia I. (Johnson) Collins, 93, of Lancaster

Joseph D. Daly, 34, of Cherry Valley

Angelo M. DiVerdi, 90, of Shrewsbury

Veronica (Eacman) Doktor, 96, of Warren

Mary Jo (Young) Edilberti, 93, of West Boylston

Alexander Luis Bitencourt Estrada

Russell E. Ewings, 69, of West Brookfield

Dennis P. Farrell, 65, of Leicester

Leo J. Forcier Jr, 69, of Winchendon

Anita (Mercadante) King, Goulding, 93, of Worcester

William R. Heffernan, 90, of Auburn

Donald “the Rabbit” Heline, 73, of Leominster

Jessica Renee Johnston, 31, of Hubbardston

Ann M. (Radicioni) Kallio, 68, of Winchendon

Diane L. Kane, 59, of Sturbridge

James P.L. “Jay” Kenney, 68, of Thompson, Conn.

David F. LaRose Jr., 69, of Auburn

Peter S. Morgan, 91, of Worcester

Thomas J. Niichter, 57, of Clinton

Leon J. Pelletier, 84, of Southbridge

Irene Celeste (Keyes) Pierpont, 67, of Leicester

Bernice T. (Golas) Rutkowski, 98, of Clinton

Irene  “Mickey” (Curran) St. Martin, 101, of Northbridge

Jeannette R. (Melanson) St. Yves, 77, of Leominster

Sharon M. (D’Onfro) Stadtherr, 62, of Lancaster

Neal R. Thomas, 63, of Millbury

Andrew J. Tivnan, 85, of Clinton

Ruth A. (Strom) Towle, 86, of Westminster

Carol J. (Anderson) Vokes, 79, of Worcester

Eila H. Wallat, 73, of Clinton

Stephen Westmerman of Worcester

Glenn A. White, 88, of Worcester and Englewood, Fla.

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