Obituaries, June 2, 2016

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Kim L. Anderson, 65, of Worcester

Gladys R. Bottomly, 91, of Barre and Worcester

Janet G. (Chambers) Christian, 89, of Southbridge

Bernard R. Conte, 88, of Paxton

James Francis Cooley, 9o, of Westminster

Patricia A. (Herbst) Cooney, 85, of Millbury

Thomas S. Corcoran, Jr., 86, of Grafton

Joseph A. Cote, 83, of Winchendon

Roland Couture, 81, of Millbury

Bernadine S. (Slein) Drapeau, 82, of Leicester and Auburn

Nancy A. Drew of Athol and Berlin

William C. “Bill” Foster, 77, of Westminster

Jeanne F. (Leyden) Gallagher, 88, of Paxton and Bergen County, N.J.

Dorothy S. “Dottie” (Richard) Gajewski, 81, of Southbridge

Gary M. Giard, 61, of Plymouth and Worcester

Kaylen M. Gilman, 6, of Webster

Doreen M. (Gomes) Hatfield, 62, of Oxford

JoAnne (Moton) Holley, 73, of Worcester

Ruth Miriam Kaski, 91, of Westminster

Madeline J. (Mikuszewski) Kennedy, 99, of Ware and West Brookfield

David P. Koskie, 90, of Worcester

Jay C. LaFalam, 58, of Rindge, N.H.

Mary Lavanga, 95, of Worcester

George R. Lawton, Sr., 92, of Worcester

Camillo J. Loconsolo, 96, of Worcester

Mickey D. Manson, 68, of Winchendon

Mary Lou (Brewster) McCarthy, 79, of Worcester

Antoinette McClain-Robinson,  59, of Worcester

Loretta M. Millett, 83, of Cherry Valley

Jane P. (Wentworth) Neale, 91, of Jefferson

Martin J. “Joe” O’Doherty, 88, of Worcester

Karen  L.  Papineau, 44, of Southbridge

Bonnie (Lungwitz) Pedersen, 73 of Southborough

Henry J. Plotczyk, 71, of Dudley

Eleanor (Pellegrino) Santoro, 92, of Shrewsbury

Donald Peter “Zeke” Scesny, 76, of Clinton

Frederick B. Scott, 88, of Sterling

David G. Shaw, 36, of Shrewsbury

B. Jeanette Sheridan, 93, of Clinton

Margery H. (Wright) Tourville, 86, of Lancaster

Paul H. Vigneault Jr., 46, of Worcester

Dorothy (Uhlik) Wisnewski of New Braintree

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